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Peter's Eye–Opening Political Quiz

The purpose of this quiz is to open the quizee's eyes to how much he has bought into the mythology and dogma surrounding today's politics. It occurred to me to create this quiz when I was writing my opinion on what the '04 campaign issues should be. It occurred to me that those opinions were unlikely to be well received, considering the prevailing misconceptions about how our system works and its history.

The following are basically all trick questions in the sense that the correct answers are all meant to be shocking to someone who has bought into the status quo of American politics. They are not, however, worded to be tricky. The answers are all quite objective. Sources are cited in the results page after you submit your answers. Results are not tracked in any way.

The United States has a gold backed currency.

American currency is issued by, and monetary policy falls under the purview of:
A) a semi–private bank
B) the United States Treasury
C) the individual state governments
D) regional Federal banks

A private firm that set up a system that worked exactly like Social Security would be:
A) a private 401(k) provider.
B) a private pension provider.
C) required to make its books available to the SEC to protect the investors.
D) considered a criminal enterprise operating an illegal ponzi scheme.

The word Federal appears in the Constitution of the United States of America _____ times.
A) 0
B) 1
C) 14
D) 38

The first U.S. Congress passed a law that clearly indicated what militia meant at that epoch. This law supports the view that the word militia, when used in the Constitution, means what we currently call the National Guard.

The first gun control laws in the U.S. were Jim Crow laws.

The Federal income tax was created by Constitutional authority in the:
A) original Constitution, as ratified in 1789.
B) 18th century, but after 1789.
C) 19th century.
D) 20th century.

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